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Design of Marine Structures

Triton's primary design function is the design and detailing of Marine and Ship Structures, ranging from new vessel design, to modifications, refits, sponsoning, crane and winch foundations, mining plants, and very often offering specific customized structural solutions to any marine problem.

Triton have also being invloved in the structural design or buoyancy and stability of a number of Floating Treatment Plants.

Triton have also performed numerous Onboard Hull Stress Monitoring excersies on both Debeers Diamond Mining Vessels and also on grounded vessels being salvaged.

Triton has completed dozens of projects involving various Marine Structures for Class Approvals.

These include five helicopter decks for Mining Vessels, namely:

M.V. !Gariep (Debeers)

M.V. Douglas Bay (Debeers)

Zacharias (Namco)

Namibian Gem (Namco)

IOSL Challenger

And have also analysed the helideck of the M.V. Coral Sea.

Winch and Crane Pedestal Foundations are performed on an almost everyday basis and are too many to mention.

Mining Plant Support Structures and Structural Modifications have been performed on numerous vessels for clients that include Debeers, Namco, ODM etc.

Triton also regularily designs cofferdams for purposes that range from Salvage operations to general floating repairs. These cofferdams are typically always analysed for safe working under the applicable pressure loading.



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By Triton Naval Architects




SAIBOS Stern Docking Frame - Jan 2006


Design and Analysis on Underdeck Structure to support a large crane on the Naval Ship "Drakensberg"


Zacharias Helideck FE Model.


Bow Chute Design, modelled in 3D for FE Analsysis purposes. (Click on image for larger version)


Bow Chute installed on the M.V. Lida


Cofferfam extension and Analysis for EBH, for vessel repairs on the Chamarel.