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Triton were initially contracted by Aker Solutions, then later by E-PC to design all of the floating structures, the strongback structures, all the internal support stools, for the various high load components for example the Surge Bin, various Sumps, Pipe Towers, Pump Stools, Pipe Bases, etc, on the KENMARE WCP-B Plant.

The 21 pontoons. along with all of these additional support structures were fabricated by SA Shipyards in Durban, to be transported on barges to Moma, where they are being assembled, along with the actual plant above.

During the design phase, E-PC would supply us with applicable loads which we would apply either to local FE Models of the affected support structures, or to the global FE model, nicknamed "The Beast". The global finite element model, was an immensly large all encompassing Finite Element model, that included all of the structure of all 21 pontoons, all the strongbacks, all the support plynths, all pump and deck equipment supports, in full 3D shell elements. It also included an imported beam element model of the actual plant structure (supplied by E-PC), so as to model the combined stiffness of the floating structures, as tied into the plant above. Hence all stresses within the support structure could be assessed, but equally importantly all deflections would be transmitted into the plant. As all marine people know, anything that floats, deflects, and these deflections needed to be quantified to be considered in the plant structures being supported.

Together with the complete structural design and structural analysis of these aspects of the plant, Triton were also contracted to perform all the buoyancy and stability calculations associated with such a floating structure. Further to this we also performed the mooring force calculations for sizing the winches and sheave towers etc.

By the end of the project, the Triton delivery pack consisted of some 146 construction drawings.



Triton were responsible for the buoyancy and stability calculations for the extension project to Plant A, and all buoyancy, freeboard and stability calculations during the actual design phase of Plant E.

Triton were also contracted to perform the mooring force calculations, for the sizing of mooring winches, emergency mooring, for various client specified wind conditions.

We have also subsequently been contracted directly by RBM to perform various weight, buoyancy and freeboard calculations at various times, on RBM's request for various reasons.



Again Triton were reponsible for the buoyancy, freeboard and stability calculations, as well as the mooring studies for the Madena Plant.



Triton were contracted to perform the structural design for single pontoon, which was designed to be built in modules and panels in Johannesburg and assembled onsite at Oranjemund. In parallel with the structural design, would be the associated Buoyancy, Freeboard and Stability calculations, using plant weights as supplied by Anglo.


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WCP-B Fabrication and trial assembly of Pontoons at SA Shipyard. Click on Image for Full Screen Version.


WCP-B Assembly on site. Click on image for enlarged version.


WCP-B Onsite assembly.. Click on image for larger version.


WCP-B Local Stress and Buckling Analsis of Strongbacks. Click on image for larger version.


WCP-B Global Deflection Analysis of Beast Model. Click on image for larger version.


WCP-B Stress Field Plot of Global Model for a particular Loadcase. Click on image for larger version.