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Triton were contracted by DCD Dorbyl, on behalf of SAIPEM to perform all necessary docking calculations, selection and placing of docking blocks, and to design a stern docking frame capable of supporting 2000 tonnes at a height of 8m above the dock floor.

Click Here For full set of slides of vessel and docking.

To ensure the docking loads were quantified, the structure was fully instrumented with submersible strain gauges, for the duration of the docking process.


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By Triton Naval Architects




3D Isometric Model of the Docking Frame. Notice scale relative to a man.


Loads applied to angled top plate of FEA Model.


Global Von Mises Stress Plot for 1/2 Model.


Closer view of Stress Plot, also showing Mesh.


Docking Frame in place with Dock being Filled


Closer view of Docking Frame, precision placement.


Overview of Docking Frame, in relation to people height.