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Assistance in Salvage, and simulation of refloating scenarios, and hull stress monitoring

Over the years, Triton has assisted SMIT INTERNATIONAL BV, the South African Office, formally known as PENTOW MARINE, SVITZERWIJSMULLER, POSH SEMCO, ARDENT SUBTECH and RESOLVE SALVAGE, on a number of salvage projects.

Generally our involvement takes the form of the resident Naval Architect, working alongside the salvage Master, and responsible for the ship stability, calculation of grounding forces, investigation of deballasting or discharge simulation for refloating purposes whilst ensireing safe hull stresses.

In some cases onboard hull stress monitoring has been implemented for the duration of the stranded period, in which live stresses are measured and monitored, using strain gauging techniques.

In Sept 2016 we assisted ArdentSubtech in the refloat calculations for the salvage of the M.V. Macuti, off Mozambique, and in Nov 2016, we acted for Resolve Salvage and Fire, for the vessel VERONA which burnt out in Table Bay Harbour.

During 2011 Christo attended to the attempted salvage operation of the MS Oliva which ran aground at Tristan da Cunha, and later in the year the sucessful salvage of the PHOENIX off the Durban north coast. For the latter, Christo undertook the full simulation of the flooded vessel as grounded, in waves, thereby simulating the calculation of the grounding reactions for the effects of waves and tides, whilst partially flooded, using GHS software. The predicted conditions and the conditions expereinced during the eventual pull off were in close correlation.

During 2010 Triton again used their GHS software to simulate the righting forces required to right the fishing trawler LAVERNE, which had capsized alongside in Cape Town Harbour. In this case we assisted SMIT and SVITZER in their preparation of the proposed salvage plan.

Priot that examples include the salvage operation in refloating of the Bulk Carrier LONG CHARITY, after she ran aground in Aug 2009, in the mouth of Saldanha Bay. Triton were called in to assist SVITZER.

The most recent salvage operation was the Barge MARGARET, carrying 12 Inland Barges and 2 Docks that broke tow and ran aground off Jacobsbaai in June 2009. Triton were called in to assist POSH SEMCO of Singapore.

Other prominant of local salvage projects include the successfull refloating of the bulkcarrier "Ikan Tanda" in 2001, off Scarbourough, and in 2003, the successful refloating of the 250m containership "Sealand Express" off Sunset Beach in Table Bay.

Other salvage projects have also been undertaken, for example, In 2002 we were involved in a tanker salvage operation off Algeria (where "Name" ship went aground and broke in two), were we prepared the salvage plans to float off the two halves independently. Again in 2002, we were the resident Naval Architects on a tanker salvage in the Red Sea, (where the "Name" was severely damaged due to an explosion with severe loss of mid ship strength) were we performed the very delicate transshipment calculations.

In years prior to this Triton, had been involved as the Naval Architect in the salvage operations of the vessels "Pacificos", "Mimosa", "Atlas Pride", "Katina P" and "Tochal'.

With the use of the powerful GHS suite of software (from Seattle, WA, USA), we can simulate ships in any condition of flooding, whether afloat or aground, whether upright or inverted with trapped air. We can model effects of tank spaces filled with dual contents, for instance fuel and seawater, through partial flooding, seawater and trapped air etc. We can also simulate these effects with windage, with stability on waves, with grain shift, spilling tanks, and various other possible scenarios, all the while calculating the longitudinal strength at any location.



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Sealand Express, with the HAM316 Dedger


Ikan Tanda, aground off Scarbourough


CHC Chopper hoisting salvors on and off the Sealand Express


BARGE MARGARET, carrying 12 Inland Barges and 2 Docks, aground off Jacobsbaai


LONG CHARITY, aground on the bow in the entrance into Saldanha bay


VERONA still burning in Cape Town Harbour, after 5 days