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In attempting to get a towline to the Weskus 1, which lost power in Table Bay, both vessels ended up on the beach between Melkbosstrand and Bloubergstrand in Cape Town, South Africa, in August 2008.

Both were fishing vessels, the Weskus being of Wooden construction, and the Seawin Sapphire being a 22m Steel vessel, of Lightship Displacement 155 tonnes, as shown in the pictures.

Due to the likelyhood of having to travserse a reef in towing her off, it was decided to drag her up the beach to the carpark and then lift her onto a heavylift trailer and road transport her back to the harbour.

Triton were initially contracted by SMIT and then later by ALE Heavy Lift in assisting on the Naval Architectural side, and also for the design and construction of the +120tonne towing bracket, which was slotted through the base of the bulkbous bow, to tie in with the exisiting double bottom and keel structure.

As it so happened the highest drag force applied was 155 tonnes, when cresting the bank of the beach, with an average drag force in the order of 70 to 80 tonnes.

The entire excersize was carried out successfully between the 18 and 26 August.


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Seawin Sapphire high and dry on the beach.


Seawin Sapphire, once she had been turned, by the high capacity tow line.


The Port Side of the symmetrical tow bracket


Seawin Sapphire, once dragged to the beach, being prepared to be lifted for the trailer to be brought in underneath her keel.