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Work Boats and Landing Craft

The latest of work boats that double as a landing craft and crane barge is the NAMDEB vessel which was design and built by Triton, as a turnkey project, (design build and deliver).

This steel vessel as pictured, is a general purpose design, which can be customised to be propelled by either outboard engines, for inland waterway conditions, or by tradisional inboard diesel engines with shaft and rudder gear. She is design with tunnels to facilitate shallow draft operation.

She is a smaller version of the AMANI, also pictured, built in 2004, by Tallie Marine, as a GRP landing craft, for the Mozambique Hotel group for the transport of building equipment between the mainland and the islands.



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Namdeb Workboat / Crane Barge being Launched in Cape Town, in 2006


Namdeb Workboat / Crane Barge Alongside after Launch


Namdeb Workboat / Crane Barge Leaving on Tow for Luderitz


AMANI, GRP Landing Craft, built in 2004, by Tallie Marine, for the RANI Hotel Group in Mozambique