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Finite Element Analysis

FE Structural Analysis, is performed on many structures, for design verification, and for Classification Society approval.

We have 18 years history of with working with Autodesk Algor Simulation (previously called Algor) suite of Linear Static, Non Linear Dynamic software, as well as 4 years with ANSYS FEA. Pre modelling of solid models is often perform with Alibre 3D Cad, or KeyCreator from Kubotek, USA. All 2D detailing is generally conducted on Caddie Software (since the 80's), when the local military preferred the Caddie platform.

Typical projects include the analytsis of Helicopter Decks, Crane Foundations, Engine Beds (vibration), Marine Mining Structures, parts of, or complete Floating Mining Plants, and sundry Marine Platforms etc.

Essentially all high load structures designed by Triton undergo Finite Element Analysis, either for our own calculation purposes, and / or for Classification Society approvals.

We do also analyse third party structures, as and when requested, particularly for the Offshore Oil Industry, but the bulk of our analysis is conducted on own designs.

Non-linear dynamic mooring analysis were performed on an Oil Rig, and an FPSO, so as to ascertain mooring line tensions, bollard reactions, under sever wind conditions, taking full intertia affects into account, using both ALGOR and more recently ANSYS AQWA. Click here for more details.



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FEA - Bolted Flange Assy, Surface Contact with Friction and Pre-Tension in Bolts


FEA - SMIT Towing Bracket Analysis


IOSL Challenger - Helideck Design and Analysis


M.V. Theo - Lars Winch, Tower and Moonpool refit. Click on image for Fullscreen