Pics of the 2nd Drydock under construction. (Instant drydock, just add water)

Notice the interlocked corrugated steel that serves as the dock sides. Crude but effective, it seems.


Pictures of ASL barges constructed on-spec, for local operation.



HULL 812

Deck structure being pre-fabricated


Aft Ballast Tank, with recess for Genset.

Construction of Bilge Rounding


Prefab of Deck Roundings (note the excess green, no two pieces having the same diameter, and method of joining without a jig or template, yet to create (judging by the bilge rounding) a seemingly uniform result. (time will tell).


An example of a rather concerning gap, and signs of re-welding, and filling, on the bilge rounding.

A rather distorted main engine bedplate. Luckily in this case the engines will be chockfasted, thus the accuracy of the bedplate is less critical.


Whilst some deckplate construction seems straight, others did not. It seems what is not straight at fre-fab stage, merely gets pulled straight during installation, with little regard to residual stresses.

Sloping End sections still have to be straightened up and pulled up into position.

An example of an un-satisfactory series of welds, grind outs, and re-welds on one particular joint. It no doubt had a large gap to fill, hence the effect.

An interesting way to drain rain water from the bottom above, is to merely cut holes where required, through the weld seams.

Overview of progress of bulkheads up to deckheight.

Concern remains about how the bulkheads are going to be made to fit the corner pillars, However as with construction, time will tell, once they get to that point.

Looking aft, shows most bulkheads in position, some primed.

View on bottom (at bilge rounding) showing the impressive plasma welding, using the ceramic moulding method. Note these welds were performed only from above (view shows the weld from underneath).

Example of the weld between one of the bottom frames and the bilge rounding.

16mm sheet precut to sections for the silo.

Inner tube of aft Silo at Pre-Fab site.

Pre-fab of deep frames, for underdeck silo radial support frames.

Good example of back gouging.

Closing Photo of some of the 32t and 100t ASL Gantry Cranes.