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General Arrangements, Safety Plans, Linesplans

In line with local flag state athorituies requirements for all vessels to have an up to date General Arrangement Drawing, Safety Plan (where applicable) and Linesplan, we perform this draughting function, in creating these drawings either from old out of date drawings or from onboard measurements.

Obviously these same drawings are also prepared as part of concept and preliminary design on new ship design projects, however, on a day to day basis very many of these drawings are prepared on exisiting and even old vessels in their attempt to satisfy their safety certificate or registration requirements.

We have support 9 licences for Caddie Software, the latest versions all being 100% Autocad compatible, both for importing and exporting, for ease of data transfer from clients.

However we generally only release e-format drawings in PDF format (for security reasons), which are plotted to scale, for exact replication in any remote location, by printing to correct paper size.



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Typical General Arrangement Drawing. Click for 180kb DWF Version.


Typical Safety Plan. Click for 300kb DWF Version.


Typical Capacity Plan. Click for 135kb DWF Version.