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In order to account for Inertia Effects, Windage Loads, Stiffness of Lines and Fenders, a Non Linear Dynamic Mooring Analysis was performed in order to quantify and optimise the line tensions, fender reactions, longitudinal, and transverse displacements.

With her 300m length, 60m beam, and 30m depth, 20m freeboard, her windage area, for a potential worse case beam on wind of 71 knots, was 800 tonnes.

Clearly if no single line tension is allowed to exceed in most cases, 80 tonnes, and some cases 150 tonnes, a balancing act is required to ensire that the combination of line tensions, in a dynamic (moving ship) is well balanced through the effects of length, angle, and flexibility.

The dynamic, 6 degree of freedom, analysis, which allows the vessel to float on hydrostatic pressure, and takes true accout of all inertia effects, was perform on Finite Element Analysis Software.

The analysis and evential mooring arrangement (which in this case considered of 35 lines), peformed by Triton naval Architects, was approved by London Offshore Consultants (LOC) in the UK.

Click Here For full set of slides of moored vessel alongside in Cape Town.


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F.P.S.O DALIA alongside in Cape Town, 2006


Stern Lines in Place


Showing some of the Spring Lines