Triton Naval Architects

Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering in Cape Town, South Africa.

Triton Naval Architects is a full service Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering firm servicing the whole spectrum of the commercial marine industry, from design of Fishing Vessels, Ferries, River Barges, to involvement on stability and structural modification of Mining Ships and Oil Rigs.

Services include total vessel design, modifications and retrofits, stability documentation for Flag State or Classification Society approval, structural design and FE analysis, of helicopter decks, mining plant structures, crane foundations, and all other aspects of Naval Architecture.

Our archive of drawings contains almost 3 decades of designs, general arrangment drawings, safety plans etc, for a large proportion of the South African commercial vessels, and many foreign vessels, on which we have worked, at some point in time. These archives contain over 21 000 CAD format drawings alone, excluding the older paper copies hanging in our library. The backed up electronic archive contains over 1 million project files, when including all those relating to documents, reports, spreadsheets and the many files specific to the various software suits that have been used on many past projects.


Triton Naval Architects
No. 8 Foregate Square, Harbour Rd
Foreshore, Cape Town, SOUTH AFRICA
Tel: +27 21 418 2090 | Fax: +27 21 425 2722 | Email:

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